Production and Marketing Plan

Measure 1

The Palamós Fish Producers Organisation aims to reach collaboration agreements with all the research institutions involved in improving knowledge of fishing resources and to plan annual actions to better understand the behaviour of the resources and thus be able to implement measures to promote the conservation of these resources.

The most significant action being considered is the complete digitalisation of all fisheries management and control, thus optimising the fisheries’ data collection, providing statistical data that will help in the adoption of better planning decisions by the fisheries.

On the basis of this digitalisation, the Fish Producers Organisation will also seek to implement mobile applications for the associated producers in order to speed up and facilitate bureaucratic procedures. For example, in the monitoring of days of fishing effort, developing an APP that allows consumption to be measured and compliance to be monitored.

Also, for the processing of dispatches with the Harbour Master’s Office, for obtaining the necessary navigation certificates, for the monitoring of expiry dates, online procedures, etc.

Measure 2

The Palamós Fish Producers Organisation will seek the active participation of its representatives in the consultation and collaboration bodies of the Generalitat, Town Councils, County Councils, Provincial Councils, National Government, European Commission, European Parliament and Regional Fishing Organisations with the aim of giving Palamós’ fishermen a voice, expressing their opinion and consulting them on any regulatory or development project that may directly or indirectly affect them. Participation in regional and consultative bodies for fishing in the Mediterranean is of particular interest.

Likewise, the OPP will try to organise collaborations with research centres, universities and the scientific community in general, contributing their data and experience to obtain answers to the challenges of environmentally and economically sustainable management. Of particular interest are the University of Girona, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), the Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) and the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC).

Measure 3

Fishing is one of the riskiest occupations, which is one of the main reasons why the profession is unattractive to young people. One of the main concerns of the Organisation is to do everything possible to improve the working and safety conditions of fishermen, to make the profession more attractive and to encourage generational change.

The OPP will make agreements and collaborate with public bodies and private entities in the prevention of occupational risks sector, such as the Social Marine Institute (ISM), with the aim of establishing training for the crews and shipowners and thus updating knowledge on obligations and regulatory changes in prevention and safety matters. At the same time, we consider it important to train crews so that they have the capacity to avoid hazardous situations and respect protocols.

Finally, a permanent collaboration will be established with the Nautical Fishing School, so that students can undergo sea training on Palamós boats and thus also promote interest in the vocation and raise awareness of the job opportunities offered by this port. For this reason, a job exchange will be set up, connecting the various roles with the different courses and the needs of the vessels.

Measure 4

The Palamós Fish Producers Organisation will create a fish handling facility with the aim of producing products for sale. This facility will be built in the port facilities on a 1,132-square-metre plot of land provided by the Ports of Catalonia to the Palamós Fishermen’s Guild. The OPP will manage these facilities by means of an agreement for the transfer of use from the Guild of fishermen to the producers’ organisation.

Following the construction of the facility, the OPP will take on the tasks of promoting and improving marketing, managing the Palamós prawn website and implementing a marketing plan. The aim of the new OPP, which has inherited these projects with the proposed measures is to improve the marketing associated with fishing:

– Modernise the fish handling processes on the boats and at the fish market.
– To develop products for sale.
– Study the presentation of products and packaging.
– Statistical monitoring of sales.
– Study the markets.
– Highlight distinct aspects of the work that fishermen do.
– Participate in trade fairs and events.
– Conduct promotional campaigns.

The actions envisaged, and especially those related to the handling facility, are considered innovative in the sector: initiating a project for the elaboration of products, which until now has not been done by anyone.

Measure 5

The Palamós Producers Organisation aims to modernise all activities related to fishing, applying the best technologies across the board, offering solutions that involve process innovation, which are of interest and benefit to the collective as a whole. The modernisation of the sales process, the identification of products or their classification must go hand in hand with obtaining the technological tools that allow the standardisation of catch and management procedures, implementing innovative measures in fishing equipment and catch methods that foster greater sustainability of the fisheries.

Over time, the aim is to incorporate all the applicable technological knowledge available on the market into the processes of catching fish, on-board maintenance, unloading, first sale and other activities, , in order to improve the operation of the associated fleet and the marketing of the products.

Therefore, during the life of the Plan, the OPP will explore the market in search of the innovations and technological developments that could be used in its activities and will assess those that are best suited to its current and future needs.